Registration for NCASA Membership in the 2020-2021 school year is now open. All NCASA competitions are free for member schools. To join, simply fill out the online form HERE, then fill out and mail Part II with your payment. The membership fee is $250 per school plus $0.25 per enrolled student. Email Leon Pfeiffer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register an entire LEA and receive a 50% discount.

We are happy to announce that all fall competitions including the state knowledge competition, Twelve, and the state writing competition, The Quill, will be presented virtually. Schools may participate without travel and students may practice and compete while maintaining social distancing. 

NCASA is the second-largest school association in North Carolina with 267 member schools in 2020. Join NCASA and find out why.

NCASA presented its tenth Annual Meeting via the Zoom platform on May 19 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Newly elected to the board of directors were the following educators and supporters:

  • Jason Almes
  • Bobby Dixon
  • Kimberly Lloyd
  • Christopher Lowder
  • Evonne Peterson
  • Pauline Reimers

The first annual Metrographics Printing North Carolina Showcase - Celebrating Excellence in Education, will be the largest education celebration in the history of North Carolina - the "Academy Awards" of North Carolina education. 

UPDATE 3/17/20 - The NCASA Board of Directors met March 16 and made the following difficult decisions in response to statewide school closures and in the best interests of public health:

  • No NCASA competitions will be presented this school year. No recognitions will be made in Quiz Bowl beyond those at Regionals. State level awards will not be presented.
  • No Annual Awards or Cups will be presented this school year.
  • The Metrographics Printing North Carolina Showcase scheduled for May 16 will not be presented. Planning will begin on the 2021 event.
  • No decision was made concerning the NCASA Annual Meeting. It will likely not be presented on May 16 as planned.