NCASA Competition Levels (High School) 


Recreational Level: This category is for dancers performing skills at a Beginning to Intermediate level with minimal proficient to advanced dance terminology (Please see “Skills Glossary”). When deciding the correct level to place your dancers, please take the following into consideration:  

  • Beginning and Intermediate level vocabulary 
  • Weekly practice hours (less than 5) 
  • The skill level of the majority 
  • Consistency of correct technique 
  • Number of tumbling skills & tricks (less than 3) 
  • Difficulty level of overall choreography (use of level changes, formation shifts, variation in dancer groupings and movements, etc.)  
  • Execution of choreography 

*Please note your level choices may vary depending on different piece submissions (different group of dancers from the same school, different style of dance, etc.) 

**Judges who unanimously agree a dance submission should be placed at the competitive level reserve the right to do so.  


Competition Level: This category is reserved for Proficient to Advanced level dance groups. The technical skills and movement presented in this category should include, but is not limited to, Proficient and Advanced level vocabulary. Please take the following into consideration for the competition level: 

  • Proficient and Advanced level vocabulary 
  • 5+ Weekly practice hours 
  • Skill level of your majority (aligns with NC Standards for Proficient and Advanced Dance) 
  • Consistent technique 
  • More than 3+ tumbling passes or tricks (aerials, back handsprings, tucks or higher tumbling, front headsprings, kip ups, scorpions, needles, etc.) 
  • Dynamic choreography (clear concept/storyline/motifs) 
  • Execution of choreography 







Skills Glossary 

**The vocabulary presented can be used as an example. You do not have to implement or only use words based off of these lists. Please use teacher discretion. Remember it is also based off of execution of movement and how it is presented within the performance.  


Examples of Beginning/Intermediate Skills 

  • Single or Double Turns (pirouettes, pencils, coupe, etc.) 
  • Grand Jete 
  • Middle Leaps (Side leaps, Russians) 
  • Stage Leaps (Deer leap) 
  • Double Attitude leap 
  • Battements  
  • Fan Kicks 
  • Shoulder Roll 
  • Standing jumps (“C” jump, firebird/capezio, etc.) 


Examples of Proficient/Advanced Skills 

  • Double or More Turns 
  • Tilts/Battements (all directions) 
  • Switch Leaps, Surprise Leaps, Turning Leaps (barrels, off centers) 
  • Flexibility Skills (acro moves, scorpions, needles, ect.) 
  • Tumbling Passes (aerials, back handsprings, tucks, etc.) 
  • Fuetes, Al a Secondes, etc.